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I am a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist, Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, and founder of this practice. I completed my graduate studies from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL, which is also where I currently teach as a faculty member.

My approach to  health and healing is from a holistic perspective and I truly believe it is essential that my patients play a major role in the healing process.  I work collaboratively with each of my patients with a customized plan to get back to good health or prevent and maintain health.

I encourage you to come in for a free consultation so we may discuss your health concerns and how East Asian Medicine (more widely known as Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM) may help you.

I chose to practice the East Asian style of medicine as it provides an effective way to get at the root of a person’s health problems in the most natural and least invasive way. I utilize both Chinese and Japanese forms of acupuncture in my practice. Besides being proficient with TCM therapies such as acupuncture, herbalism, tui na, gua sha, moxibustion, and nutritional therapy, I also have a solid knowledge base of Western Medicine.  When you come to my office, I will be interested in understanding the biomedicine diagnosis as I develop a plan to enable your body to heal.

I had reached a point in my life where the years of stress, anxiety, poor sleep and increasingly poor health were taking its toll on me on many levels.  I knew I needed to change but was reticent to pursue conventional “Western” treatment (mostly I wanted to avoid prescription drugs).  I had never tried acupuncture before.  I spent time researching the benefits and decided that this may be a viable alternative to addressing the stress and anxiety I was experiencing, figuring that this alternative couldn’t hurt, and might even help.  I admit to having some initial skepticism.  However, after only a few sessions I began to see marked improvement in my life – small, concentrated areas at first (sleep came easier, as did breathing exercises, and focus that allowed me to come back from a stressful state.  Ryan Davenport’s patience, expertise and approach to acupuncture have provided an overall positive experience.  I would recommend acupuncture and his services specifically, to anyone.

Hillary J. Chicago, IL 06/16/2016

I have been exploring ideas about illness and health for the better part of twenty years and have had extensive personal experience as both a patient and a practitioner. I understand what it is like to deal with side effects of medications and also the times when western medicine is unable to provide a solution.

Prior to studying and practicing East Asian medicine, I taught anthropology and sociology and have done research on indigenous healing systems.  Currently, when I’m not in the clinic or teaching, I enjoy traveling, hiking, Tai ji, Qi gong and sampling unique international cuisine with my wife.